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Happy Martin Luther King Day. I’ll admit I didn’t really appreciate Martin Luther King until I married a black man, and began raising bi-racial children. Where would my kids be today without his willingness to speak out against injustices and hatred stemming from racism?

It has been an adventure being married to Jay. In the first year of our marriage, my brother- in- law, Kareem, called me on Martin Luther King Day. He asked me if I’d baked the “King” cake. I had no idea I was supposed to bake a cake, and glanced at my watch to see how much time I had left before  Jay came home. He told me it was my turn to bake this cake for the family and they’d be over later to celebrate. Frantic, I asked him if he could send me the recipe because I didn’t know this was a family tradition.

Then, he couldn’t hold back, he burst out laughing.

Ever so often I’ll still get a message about the “King” cake from him. I love that my brother- in- laws love to prank their white sister.  Another brother-in-law, Gordon hid a black Santa in my house every Christmas. I’ve been disappointed in the last Christmas’s that this tradition has died. I hunted for that Santa until I found it.

Today, I wanted to find a Martin Luther quote that speaks into our January theme of Spiritual Warfare and found this one:

“To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.” Martin Luther King

So, today on MLK Day let his words encourage you to talk to your Heavenly Father.

See you Wednesday.



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