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Everyone at the Hallelujah House would like to wish you a blessed New Year! We’ve had a nice holiday respite and ready to provide our readers with some great content in 2020.

In January our theme is Spiritual Warfare. We will start off this month by examining the signs of a spiritual attack. Mid-month we will focus an entire week on the armor of God and the job of each of the spiritual armors. We have two articles on prayer: one will illustrate the power of prayer and fasting, the other will focus on when you are called to pray. We also will look at alcoholism and the rise of the functioning alcoholic. In honor of Martin Luther King we will offer an article on my journey of being raised a racist to raising bi-racial children. January is going to be a productive month.

In February our theme is Relationships. Some of the articles we have scheduled are what it’s like to be a divorced female in the church, an article on a resurrected marriage, building teamwork in a marriage, small groups in the church and why they are important, and an article on the rise of pastoral depression and suicide.

Looking ahead to March, we will focus on the difficult topics of our culture. Some of the subjects are abortion, assisted suicide, the rise of emotionalism, and vision boards and other self manifestation practices that arose out of the New Age Movement.

In April our focus will be on preparing for the rain and the drought. We will offer practical articles from how to prepare your heart for whatever God may allow to tips for preparing your home for a financial crisis. We will also examine if preparing is a sign you lack faith in the great Provider or being a wise steward.

We look forward to offering our readers useful content in this new year ahead. We hope that you will take the time to click on the follow me bar, that seems to float on cell phones as you scroll through an article. Once you click on that, type your email in the space provided,  then go to your inbox and click the confirmation. This way, whenever a new article is posted you will receive it directly in your inbox and won’t miss any of  what the Hallelujah House has to offer.

Thank you to those who have been faithfully following this blog year after year. We so appreciate our readers. God bless you guys and we will roll up our sleeves and get to work tackling Spiritual Warfare on Monday.

See you then!



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