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Just now, standing on our back porch we watched a terrible bull fight. A pack of black Angus went up against a Hereford and pushed him through the wood fence. The fence splintered apart like matchsticks. The Hereford fell out the pen onto the other side. As he lay there, the herd continued to gore him, until my husband Jay, ran out and intervened. I’m grateful it appears the Hereford is going to be okay.  Some days there’s a battle in the bull pen so brutal you know one of them is going to get killed. 

Spiritually speaking, there are days, we feel we are being gored by the enemy, but here’s the thing, if we try to fight Satan’s attacks in our own power we will fall. Digging our heels in physical ground never works in spiritual warfare. We have to learn to utilize the power of the Holy Spirit if we are going to conquer the enemy’s advances. This week, we are going to learn how to utilize the armor of God.

But before moving onto this week, let’s take a look back at last week:

On Tuesday, Tony Sciacca gave us a video titled Everything Has Died. It was a creative examination of what the world tries to tell us versus what is truth. It was a spoken word written by Tony. If you missed it, check it out here: Everything Has Died

On Thursday Elizabeth Hammond wrote about her experience as a pastor’s wife being addicted to alcohol. You can read the first part of “Plastered on the Front Pew” here:Plastered on the Front Pew

And on Friday: Elizabeth Hammond gave us the conclusion in part two which you can read here:Plastered on the Front Pew (Part 2)

If you’ve missed any of her story I recommend you read it and share it so it can bless others.

Thank you to our subscribers old and new. We’ve gotten quite a new subscribers this week. Thank you so much for subscribing to The Hallelujah House and we hope that you will feel free to comment or leave us any suggestions you may have.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and Martin Luther King day tomorrow, and we’ll see you next week.

Be Blessed!

Tammy Carter Adams

January 2020

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