In the Playroom: Art Project Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh

In the Playroom our artists created ornaments inspired by the artworks of Vincent Van Gogh and Henri Matisse. We covered styrofoam balls with Crayola Model Magic which will air dry within 48 hours.

The Process:

  1. Guide your kids in choosing a painting that can be created with clay.
  2. If you want to apply a ribbon holder, thread it through the styrofoam ball at the top before applying the clay.
  3. Cover the styrofoam ball with the Crayola Model magic background colors.
  4. Roll the ball covered with clay on a clean surface to create smoothness.
  5. Then, apply the forefront objects like the birds in Wheat Field with Crows or the stars in Starry Night. Push them into the clay already applied on the styrofoam ball.
  6. Set aside to dry and harden for 48 hours.

What the Artists Learned:

The artists learned the process of layering by starting with the background and working their way to the objects in the forefront. This project made the artists think logically by studying a classical painting and discussing how to complete the task one step at a time. This process of layering is utilized in other art forms such as painting.

Level of Difficulty:

Go to our You Tube Channel to see the girl’s pieces, and their reactions to this project.

Sunaeya age 10: Sunaeya embraced the idea of creating a famous painting. She found the painting Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh challenging, but enjoyed the process.

Bella age 9: Bella liked the idea of creating a famous painting as well. She enjoyed creating Wheat Field with Crows by Vincent Van Gogh.

Aubri age 8: Aubri found copying artist too difficult and decided to create a landscape instead.

Addy age 5: Addy enjoyed being a part of our activity and playing with the modeling clay. She covered hers with her favorite colors and stated she was making cotton candy, but went on to adding a beak and called it a duck. (Haha)

I chose this project knowing it would be harder for our younger artists, but all kids love to play with modeling clay, so it was a winner overall for all ages.

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