Come in and Meet the Women Behind the Voices:

Prem Adams, my sister-in-law is responsible for the social media on The Hallelujah House. Prem is new to Christianity, being raised Hindu, but since marrying her husband Shaun she’s become a believer and confesses Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. She found having a relationship with God more beneficial than all the “rules and sacrifices” of other religions.

Although Prem wants to learn and grow, it took some convincing… well dragging to bring her aboard on this adventure with me. It’s intimidating being the new one, so for anyone out there feeling you don’t know much about the Bible, you’re not alone.

She did just fine, and so will you.

Prem stated, “The Bible and Bible studies can be intimidating to new Christians. There’s so much you feel like you don’t know and have no idea where to start. I’ve stumbled across several studies, but nothing really stuck or helped me understand things any better.  After I took the Abiding study I not only knew where to start, but I was learning how God can speak to me. This study is a great place to start for those new to Christianity

Tracey Carter will be the one with the beautiful English accent. Just a heads up, when you hear her say “Lard” she’s not referring to baking, it means “Lord.” Yeah, I had to get used to that too.

I invited Tracey to be a part of this podcast after we became friends on a church trip to Israel. She’d shared her story with me on that trip, and for those struggling with hardships, you will be able to relate.

After the podcast completes, there will be an added interview where Tracey and I will unpack what God warned her about when she took this study, and how it transpired. You don’t want to miss it.

Liz Hammond and I have known each other since the third grade. We went to school together from the third grade to 7th. Our Christian school split and Liz went onto the new school while I stayed behind. Our lives have continually intersected since elementary school. Sometimes we’ve gone years without seeing each other, then after catching up, we lost touch again. More recently, we’ve reconnected by working together on this blog and sharing a passion for sharing truth.

Liz and I reveal a God story on this podcast regarding forgiveness. I admit it was a bit embarrassing–probably  for both of us– but we hope it helps someone else recognize how the enemy works to create division and distrust, but only God can restore relationships that have been rocky since the third grade.

Liz has been a pastor’s wife, and worked in women’s ministry for years. She’s now a writer on The Hallelujah House and owns a catering business.

As a pastor’s wife, she ran from the Lord for many years. In addition to the podcast, she will share her “But God” story in more detail in an additional interview. You don’t want to miss it.

Barby Molnar is our editor on The Hallelujah House. She keeps us all in line. She also professionally works in voice-overs. She will have the most professional voice on the podcast. (I sound like the screeching crane. Sorry about that, I’m a work in progress.)

Anyway, Barby and I have developed a friendship through working together. I hired Barby to edit the book I’m writing, and our friendship grew over the funny stories of my Momma and her guns, countless cups of coffee, and a few rounds of our own at the gun range.

Barby Molnar is the eldest of us, but you’d never know it unless I told you.

Barby’s testimonial of this study:

“This study reminded me that God promises to speak to me when I start giving Him my time and attention. We don’t have to know theology, we don’t have to be a pastor or priest, we don’t have to be the most spiritually mature person in the room. All I need to do is be open and ready to seek Him; be willing to learn from our God, who is waiting to whisper His plan, His wisdom, His encouragement, into my ear, when I am still, quiet, and listening. This study guides us through a helpful process to start us on our journey of abiding in Christ.”


And for those who don’t know me,  here’s me, Tammy Carter Adams. I am the founder of The Hallelujah House and the loud voice host (we tried to fix that) of the podcast.

I hope you’ll join us on February 14th, Monday for our first podcast Bible study: Abiding in the Vine: Hearing the Voice of God.

If you haven’t gotten your workbook, you can buy one here.

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