Session One: Abiding in the Vine, Hearing the Voice of God Podcast

Good morning. It’s here! Our first podcast. Finally!

Session 1: Introduction; Session One Hearing His Voice.

Some corrections to this podcast:

  1. We will post only once a week versus twice a week since the sessions are close to an hour long.
  2. Also, the books are now in the store link I provided versus being on Amazon as stated in the podcast.
  3. This podcast was taped over the course of a year. Taped in October of 2020 and October of 2021. There is mention of elections and things that have passed.
  4. We are working in the future to get better recording equipment. My son Nick did the best he could do in editing with what I gave him, especially when using so many microphones.
  5. I mention when introducing Barby that she did the introduction for the podcast, we decided later it was better that I do it. Barby is much better at that than I.

Special thanks to:

Ed and Becky Kobel

Richard and Linda Case at All for Jesus Living Waters Ministry for the use of our curriculum.

Prem Adams

Tracey Carter

Liz Hammond

Barby Molnar

and Nick Adams who edited this production voice by voice and created our song for us.

Please note: After each session we will have a question/answer session at our private Facebook group at: The Hallelujah House Facebook Group. Come join us if you haven’t already. You can post questions publicly there, or privately to any of the participants in the podcast.


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