Welcome to the Studio!

The Focus of The Studio:

  1. Offer the body of Christ a creative respite from the stresses of life.
  2. To serve as a reminder we are created in the image of our Creator.
  3. As an effort to expand the arts into the Christian community.
  4. Allow the arts to be utilized for God’s glory versus pushing a dark agenda.
  5. As an effort to keep the arts in the hands of the human race and not AI.
  6. To offer inspiration in utilizing the arts in the mission field.
  7. To provide arts for healing.

If you desire to become a resident artist of The Hallelujah House or would like to contribute a tutorial to The Studio, we’d love to discuss it. Please email Tammy Carter Adams with your contact information, medium, and ideas at tammycarteradams@thehallelujahhouse.com. 

Check out The Hallelujah House list of Christian Art Ministries and Artists. This is an ongoing list, and if you’d like to be considered, you can find the submission instructions on the bottom of the page.

Welcome to The Studio! It is in here, you will find micro blogs on the foundations of art, art supplies, how to’s, and art history. In a nut-shell, anything having to do with art (exception our kids projects) will be in this room.

We opened a new You Tube channel where we will post all of our how-to videos.  You will find the links to those under The Studio.

Our Resident Artists:

Angela Matos: Mixed Media Artist

Brandi Feher: Pottery Artist

Lisa Sciacca: Watercolor Artist

Brandon Carter: Acrylic Artist

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