Welcome to the Playroom!

Meet Our Smallest Artists!

Aubri, Sunaeya, Isabella, and Little Adalynn Adams

At the Hallelujah House we believe in the importance of engaging kids in the creative process. We are excited to join with OSPREY (Old School Parents Raising Engaged Youth), started by HGTV’s Erin and Ben Napier and Catherine and Taylor Sledge. OSPREY is a movement to raise social media-free-kids.

The Hallelujah House partners with OSPREY by providing ideas for parents to get their kids engaged around a table or outdoors in order to spark their creativity and imagination. The purpose of The Playroom is to offer art ideas to get your kids engaged creatively versus scrolling through the mind-depressive trappings of social media.

If you’d like to learn more about Osprey and the ill effects social media has on a child’s brain, you can read all about it by downloading their guidebook. You can also sign up to join the movement and start a chapter in your child’s school, alongside other moms.

We hope The Playroom can become a great tool for parents who Homeschool, want to entertain their kids on a rainy Saturday, or to beat the too-hot-summer and snow-day-blues. All our creative ideas presented in the Playroom have been kid-tested by our own House residents and/or guest of The Hallelujah House.

Join the girls at The Hallelujah House and follow along as they create an art activity your kids are sure to love.

Future Projects:

Barn Quilts

Making Mushrooms from clay.

Mixed Media artwork inspired by a poem.

Making a picture from shapes (Henri Matisse)

Make an animal from plastic pumpkins

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