Welcome to the Kitchen!

Somethings to Expect in The Kitchen:

A monthly food theme with recipes.

A monthly examination of a color and the psychology behind that color when used in a home.

Seasonal vignettes for your coffee table.

Holiday decorating ideas

Links to our favorite design ideas.

Pinterest board for design ideas.

Welcome to the Kitchen of The Hallelujah House. The Kitchen is where you will find the Art of Homemaking. We at HH see Homemaking as an art form. When we think of The Kitchen we think food…of course, but at HH we consider The Kitchen as not only the place of nourishment, but the centerpiece of the home itself.

Our mission is to help spur creativity in creating food, hospitality, a comfortable living space, and affordable interior design ideas that fits your family’s day to day life.

So step inside the kitchen and get inspired.

 Are you Skilled in the Art of Homemaking?

If you love the Art of Homemaking and would like to become a resident of The Hallelujah House contact Tammy Carter Adams at  Tammycarteradams@thehallelujahhouse.com. Please include your name, brief bio, pictures and descriptions of your work. Please note: to be a resident, one submission per month is required.

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