Looking Ahead for The Hallelujah House

Autumn is the start of the new year here at the House. While summer provides less than ideal work days due to everyone being home.  I use the summer to plan for our blogging season that aligns with the school year.

We will be going through some changes this fall. I’d love for you to hear about them on our latest podcast which you can access from our podcast page. 

In addition to these changes I mentioned on the blog:

  1. Per request, we are trying to provide an audio version to each blog. It’s a process to find the best price and sound to embed in our articles so bear with us on this if you are visually impaired.
  2. As per mentioned in the audio update, if you’d like to join our writing team and can commit to one article a month contact me.
  3. We will begin creating a quarterly newsletter for our email subscribers with information not included in the blogs or podcasts. There will be some behind the scenes of The Hallelujah House, recipes, storing food instructions etc. If you’d like to be included in this you must email subscribe. 
  4. We will be taking a serious look at creating video content again. Video requires more effort, but I’ve had many requests for video content so I’m going to take opening a You Tube channel into consideration.
  5. I’d like to request any of you who are enjoying our content to share the content with your friends and on your social media. It makes us feel appreciated when we see someone has shared our articles.
  6. Our Facebook group is growing. If you’d like to join our Facebook group we have it set up that you can request to join. Head on over there.

We have six more days before Bella is back in school. I’m giddy over the smell of cinnamon candles and freshly sharpened pencils, tasting pumpkin in everything, and diving back into a work schedule.

How about you? What are you looking forward to this fall?


Photo credit: Introducing the newest addition to the farm, Ellie (same breed as Franklin,). My daughter Bella loves her.

Tammy Carter Adams is the founder and cohost of The Hallelujah House blog and podcast. Tammy is a native of the Tidewater area of Virginia, but moved to Florida 27 years ago. She now lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband Jay and four children. You can contact Tammy directly under the About Us tab. She loves to connect with readers.

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