12 Educational Activities for Those Rainy Days

In today’s world, limiting technology time can be burdensome for parents of young children. Let’s admit it’s easier to let a tablet, computer, or phone entertain our kids for hours while we get done what we Momma’s need to get done.

If you’re already dreading those rainy afternoons and fear you’ll cave into the plead of technology time, here are 12 ideas that will not only entertain your elementary-aged kids but educate them as well.

12 Rainy Day Ideas:

  1. Give your child bedsheets and space to build a reading tent they can crawl in and read a Bible story. Check out these forts https://youtu.be/zR1Z7euvdhk.
  2. Use a large dry-erase board and allow your child to “teach” you or their stuffed animals how to do math problems or dissect sentences. (Math or Grammar skills)
  3. Help your child set up a “store” in your house and run the register while you buy things from him or her. (Math skills)
  4. Have an Italy Day (or another country of interest). Read a book about Michelangelo; try painting, lying on your back under a table; cook an Italian meal together; color-in a map of Italy; learn greetings in Italian; look at pictures of the famous cities in a travel book. Listen to Italian music. Watch an Italian movie. (Geography, Art, Art History, Cooking, and Foreign Language skills)
  5. Assign your child a Bible story and have them dress as the main character and perform the story for the family that night. (Reading Comprehension, Bible, Speech/Drama skills)
  6. Make homemade Play-Doh together, Best Homemade Play-Doh Recipe. Allow your child to measure out all the ingredients. Then have them sculpt the animals from Noah’s ark. (Math, Bible, Art skills)
  7. Read the story of Creation together and pore through the pages of Smithsonian’s Natural History book. Pick an animal or plant and learn more about it. Try painting your animal using watercolors. (Creation Studies, Natural Science, and Art skills)
  8. Cut up magazine pictures, glue to a canvas board and make a mixed media art collage.(Art skills)
  9. Bake some brownies or cookies and put into individual baggies for the Fire Department or someone in need. (Baking skills, and Service)
  10. Do a knitting project or cross stich project together. (Textile skills)
  11. Tie dye some t-shirts. (Art skills)
  12. Organize the pantry or rooms in your home. (Cleaning and Organizational skills)

For additional ideas, read Cultivating Creative Children in a Technical World.  To make choosing easier, write options on slips of paper and allow your children to pick one from a jar each afternoon. This will help them to look forward to those rain showers instead of dreading them.

Have a blessed Summer!


Tammy Carter Adams is the founder of The Hallelujah House and host of The Hallelujah House podcast. Tammy is a native of the Tidewater area of Virginia and currently resides in Orlando with her husband and four children. When she’s not creating content, Tammy enjoys painting, interior design, and escaping to her farmhouse in the sticks of Georgia.

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