Take Down the Walls

I know how it went down…
“Psst… Hey Fisher the door’s open, let’s go check out some hot felines. You know the street variety called strays.”
“But Finley, Momma made us monks.” Fish said.
“A man can look.” Finley said.
I found one of the escapees, the shy one named Fisher or Fish as we like to call him hiding in the shrubs, but my tailless Finley is still missing, and I am consumed with finding him.
I have worn down the tile by the windows. I’ve stuck my head in many shrubs, and snooped in the backyards of my neighbors. (gulp…sorry ya) All I can think about is how scared he is, and the temperature outside. I worry he’s hurt or dead.
Two of our cats over the last 14 years have been killed by wild beasts. When my boys were little, in my pajamas I chased a bob cat down the street in the middle of the night. My cat Gidget dangled from it’s mouth. I’m surprised the neighbors slept, as I screamed like a crazy woman, flailing my arms. Gidget was dropped, but it was too late for her neck was broke.
You would think living in Orlando in a gated subdivision our pets would be safe, but we have had Bob cats, a Black Bear, and Coyotes jump the brick wall and take what they want. Our subdivision was planted right by acres of forest. We call them the Disney woods, and unfortunately the occupants are not of the Mickey Mouse variety.
We think we are safe trusting in our brick walls.
One of my favorite walled cities is Rome. My friend Emanuela, a historian there, stated the city of Rome is like lasagna, each time a fire or some terrible calamity overcame the city, they built on top of the rubble. Rome has had many years of peace, but Roman citizens today are realizing their walls cannot keep them safe, for ISIS has declared their wild intentions. Five hundred troops will be placed within the city walls to protect the city from terrorists.
Here in the USA, we put our hopes in our walls as well. We depend upon the walls of our wealth, status, job security, and relationships, but all of those things can be snatched away in the dead of night.
Early this morning, my husband told our family via text to read Psalms 27, and there was a passage that revealed an impenetrable wall.
Psalms 27: 5 and 6 :“For in the time of trouble He shall hide me in His pavilion; In the secret place of His tabernacle He shall hide me; He shall set me high upon a rock. And now my head shall be lifted up above my enemies all around me.”
The only fortress that is impenetrable is a relationship between God and man through Jesus Christ. If you haven’t built your personal relationship fortress with God, I encourage you to do so for peril is encroaching, and like Finley I would hate for you to be lost.

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