Meet The Team

Bonnie Lovelace

Contributing Writer

Bonnie grew up the daughter of a pastor and his wife in Atlanta, Georgia. Very early in life she learned of God’s redemptive grace through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. As an adult, Bonnie became a school teacher in a Christian school, and for many years became active in her church from leading women’s Bible studies to serving in various children’s ministries. Bonnie is currently employed as a Sr. Office Manager with the privilege of working at home. Her current ministry is serving with her husband in the area of church security.

Bonnie is married to her best friend Hub (yes, that’s what he’s called) and they have two adult children. She has a passion for writing, speaking, and sharing the Hope of Jesus Christ.

She is naturally gifted in the area of encouragement, loves people, and enjoys making others laugh. She believes in the ever-present goodness of God and recognizes His work every day in things both big and small.

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