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I feel a responsibility this morning to connect with my faithful readers as I’ve been missing in action for a hot minute. Unfortunately, for the last year our readership has dropped. It seems as if the more time and money I devote to The Hallelujah House the less readers I have. I’m sure this is largely due to the rise of social media platforms that are more entertaining and require less work from subscribers than reading, like podcasts, videos, or speedier content like Tik Tok and Instagram. Hence, why I added an audio version of each blog onto my site, but that hasn’t proven to produce any more readers.

The Crossroads I’m At:

The drop in readership has placed me at a crossroad where it would be negligent of me not to wisely examine the investment of time, energy, and finances it takes to continue on. Keeping a large site like The Hallelujah House going requires a substantial financial commitment each year, from paying for the name, the online presence, photo subscriptions, email,  plug- ins to keep your site running, etc. My husband and I agreed to sustain the site for the sake of the gospel message, as long as there was a return of our investment with readers.

When I began many moons ago, I made the decision not to monetize the site because I didn’t feel led to go that route, as God has been faithful to us with provisions.

I’ve been asked isn’t it worth it if you have just one reader? To that I would point out the parable of the talents. Do I keep pouring time away from my family and other gifts God’s invested in me to put into something that has a waning influence and interest?

Yes, the blog is good, but is this God’s best? Maybe, He wants to move me and my team into a greener pasture and this is His way of doing that.

I don’t know.

So, here’s where I’m at, and where you my readers come in. The last week of May I’m heading to Asheville, NC for the Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference. It is the very conference, last year this time I won “Blog of the Year” award. How quickly things turn around. This year, I’m not going to pitch or stress over meetings with publishers or agents. Instead, I’ll utilize my time with the Lord and pray over the direction He wants me to take. These are my questions regarding the website: Do I close the doors?  Do I move it into another direction? Do I move to a more visible platform like You Tube? Do I continue posting with little readership?

What I Need From Readers:

For those who have jumped with me from homeschooling to cancer to preparation and faith– all reflections of my own life– I thank you for your comments and encouragement throughout the years. I ask now you join me in praying for God’s will to come forward  and for me to gain insight on His will.

In the meantime, our team Trello writing board is bare. I’m not scheduling any blog posts for the summer. It is a time to be still and wait. You may see some blogs from the past pop up from time to time or if God puts something on my heart to share I’ll be obedient and post. Being a faith blog, I’m leaving the door open for God to move when and how He sees fit. I’m going to spend my summer enjoying my daughter, developing my art, and seeking His guidance.

I’m praying by August, to have some answers in this regard.

I hope you understand.

Art for Ministry:

As the blog has waned, I’ve been busy. This year, I’ve dove head first into the arts. I’ve moved back into my old studio space–which I handed over to my son, Christian, after Bella’s birth.

I’ve also been taking an Arts for Ministry class which stretched me artistically in trying on new art forms that can be used for ministry purposes. Furthermore, the class taught me how to start an Art for Ministry program.

Women’s Spring Retreat:

In April, we hosted our first Hallelujah House women’s retreat at the farm. Eleven women and myself gathered for a weekend of powerful fellowship, relaxation and fun. I am hoping to host a women’s retreat each fall, winter, and spring in the future (Lord willing). This season’s theme was God’s Story: Your Story. We examined Creation, Redemption, and Restoration not only in the Scriptures but our lives as well.

Check out some of the pictures from our retreat below:

The Hallelujah House Podcast:

As of right now, the podcast will continue. We have yet to establish a regular taping schedule because we tape all our podcasts in Georgia at the farmhouse, but I’m hoping to improve in scheduling, taping, and editing. We are learning and growing.

This Fall:

By August, I hope to have some clarity and able to share it. If you haven’t joined our Facebook group, we’d love to have you.

In the meantime, have a wonderful summer! Praying blessings over you all.


This blog post appears unedited by our in-house editor Barby Molnar.

Tammy Carter Adams is the founder of The Hallelujah House and co-host of The Hallelujah House podcast. She resides in Orlando, Florida with her husband Jay and their four kids. When she’s not creating content, Tammy enjoys painting, interior design, and playing with her daughter Bella on the farm.

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