The Desert

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When I was young, the moon shined through our frosted bathroom window, and created a cross. On the throne, I believed God sent me a sign, calling me to prayer. I quietly chattered away, while taking care of business (sort of speak).

Another place of prayer for me was outside. I felt God right there while I poured out my heart. Under the trees, I imagined God in the wind, and the sunlight splintering through the branches, casting its shadows on the leaf covered ground.

Both places, while alone, I remembered God and felt His presence.

With homeschooling, I feel isolated. Once a week, I attend a Bible study with girlfriends, which is the extent of adult companionship during the week.  Many nights by the time Jay arrives from Tampa I’m heading off to bed. On the occasional week night, he arrives earlier, he listens tired eyed, as I zoom through an entire week of stored up conversation. Although, I feel isolated, the blessings of seeing my boys grow in knowledge, wisdom, and responsibility far out way the sacrifices.

In the Bible many were called to isolation…to their desert. Noah’s desert appeared in his back yard, where he built an ark. The belly of a fish provided a smelly desert for Jonah. David remained in the meadows watching sheep for 22 years, after anointed King of the Israelites. Trials and sufferings threw Job into a sandpit. An unplanned pregnancy brought Mary to her sandbox. And, we all know the story of Jesus being called into the desert to be tempted by Satan and strengthened by God. I could go on and on. Each situation unique, and for varying lengths of time, prepared and renewed one’s faith. Each desert brought a feeling of isolation from people, but a closeness to God.

My sister Tricia announced over a week ago, she has breast cancer. She knows she is being called into her desert. Sitting in church, weeks before diagnoses, Tricia yearned to be closer to God. She confessed her hectic life and her responsibilities spiritually blockaded her, from a closer relationship with her Lord. Praying, she told God something drastic would have to happen, to bring her closer to Him.

God heard her prayer…

She’s received a divine appointment. She has faith God is in control of all things, including her health… including her cancer.

Throughout the darkness, she will be reminded of God’s promise to never forsaken her and never give her more than she can bear. He will lead her through the fear, isolation, and treatment. He will strip away her insecurities, increase her faith, teach her to rely on Him, and prepare her for the greener pastures on the other side.

What about you? Has your spouse abandoned you? Are you facing unemployment and a stack of bills?  Do you struggle with illness?  Are you a single mother, just trying to keep all the balls in the air?  Are you isolated, feeling alone in a parched desert? This is your time, to lean on His understanding, and allow God to lead you to the still waters.


March 2011

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